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At Discover Bliss, your happiness and well-being is our top priority. We make sure to get to know you and your personal skin-care needs, and ensure that you’re set up on the best path possible to long term health success – specifically when it comes to your skin! Every client of Discover Bliss receives the following:

  • Skin evaluation
  • Skin care routine handout
  • Advice on how to take care of your skin daily
  • Cosmetic clean out
  • Ongoing email support

Dr. Hauschka Classic Experience

A relaxing foot bath, arm and hand massages with fragrant compresses. Cleansing and nourishing masks, plus intensive skin care rejuvenation leave you feeling revived and regenerating. The lymph stimulation with fine brushes unblocks, purifies and strengthens your immune system.  The classic treatment works to leave you feeling cleansed and filled with sense of happiness, lightness and inner balance.

Length: 1 hour 50 minutes  |  Cost: $150.00|  Book Now


This treatment stimulates tired skin. Offers soothing care and deep renewal for blemished, sunburned or skin prone to enlarged pores.

Length: 60 minutes  |  Cost: $90.00  |  Book Now


Calms and stabilizes sensitive, reddened and irritated skin. Helps balance your skin and supports and even complexion.

Length: 60 minutes  |  Cost: $90.00 |  Book Now

Firming & Regenerating Treatment

Activates the skin’s elasticity and firmness, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while nurturing and hydrating.

Length: 60 minutes  |  Cost: $110.00  | Book Now

Super Hydrating

Hydrates and nourishes, improves skin tone, texture and reduces signs of aging. Protects and normalizes dry, sensitive skin.

Length: 60 minutes  |  Cost: $90.00 |  Book Now


A facial treatment without extractions allowing you to relax from head to toe. Mask suited for individual skin type.

Length: 60 minutes  |  Cost: $90.00  |  Book Now

Back Cleansing

Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), gentle massage and moisturizer.

Length: 45 minutes  |  Cost: $70.00  |  Book Now

Acne Clear

Designed to regulate blemished, inflamed skin. Cleansing clay actively absorbs and binds dead skin cells and waste products.

Length: 60 minutes  |  Cost: $90.00  |  Book Now

Manuka Honey Mask

Packed with vitamin B, C and live enzymes. Manuka honey is hydrating, repairs skin, heals acne, and is anti-aging.

Length: 60 minutes  |  Cost: $110.00  |  Book Now

Teen Facial (18 and Under)

Hormonal changes can occur during the teen years resulting in skin that has increased oil production and breakouts. Includes deep cleansing, extractions and skin care advice.

Length: 45 minutes  |  Cost: $ 65.00  |  Book Now

Men's Facial

Designed just for men, this treatment helps relieve razor irritation, provides deep pore cleansing while leaving skin hydrated and refreshed.

Length: 60 minutes  |  Cost: $90.00  |  Book Now

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